Friday, January 15, 2016

Look Of The Day: January 15th 2016 #43

Hair: Doe. Cierra -Two-Tone- Essentials (*RARE*) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event

Head: LOGO Alex
Skin:>: Pumec :< Ursula- Spring tone (*Group Gift*)
Eyes: L'Etre Mesh Eyes #26 @ Chapter 4
Lashes: L'Etre Diamond Lashes
Body: Belleza- Isis Body
Dress: _C A N D Y D O L L Vixen Dress- White (*COMMON*) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event
 Shoes: _C A N D Y D O L L Maya Shoes (*RARE*) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event
 My Little Buddy: *Pink Acid* The Fennec Fox- Pinkish (*RARE*) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event

HI GUYS!! So I got into Epiphany event... which... HELLO! Is hella exciting. I was kinda unlucky at first because as soon as I landed there was a region restart... but once I got back in, which was nearly instantly... it was ONNNN! ON LIKE DONKEY KONG... okay okay... I landed a few rares, and on my second-third pull. I mean... it was pretty unbelievable! But I am so glad I walked out of there with just about all the things I wanted.. SUCH as this Candydoll getup I am wearing.. I mean cmon, it's so sweet and sexy as the same time! Totally loving it. I think my happiest win was this fox! I want one in RL so baaaaddd but cant have it, LOL so I was sqeeeking like a crazy woman when I won it in SL hahaha. It's a simple blog today, but totally my look of the day.. I look so angelic! hahaha. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. You guys are amazing! <3

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