Friday, January 22, 2016

Look Of The Day: January 22nd 2016 #45

Hair: Magika.Love Song [01]
Head: LOGO Alex
Skin:L'Etre Gwen Skin- Cotton @ Tres Chic (This is OMEGA, so can be used for other heads. DEMO FIRST!!!)
Eyes: IKON Sovereign Eyes- Coffee
Body: Belleza- Isis Body
Tattoo: Inhale.- Payback
Dress: {Chemical Princess} Catana Dress @ Kinky Event TY <3
Shoes: REIGN Abbie Pumps

Monday, January 18, 2016

Look Of The Day: Janurary 18th 2016 #44

Hair: Lamb.  Baby Blue
Head: Genesis Lab- Angie 2.0- Relaxed (-Common-)
Skin: Genesis Lab-Lara skin (-Group Gift-) 
Lipstick: Genesis Lab-Bloody Lips Lipstick (-Common-)
Body: Belleza- Isis Body
Eyes: IKON Immortal Eyes- Banshee
Lashes: L'Etre Diamond Lashes
Septum: :Zombie.Suicide: Septum Peircing 1 @  The Black Dot Project TY <3 
 Choker: :Zombie.Suicide:Pagen Choker- His @ Project Limited TY <3
Skirt and top: Foxes. Holographic Dream- Halo 1 Set @ Collabor88
Shoes: REIGN Fett Plats- Black
 My little buddy: CURELESS+[n.i]- Alice In Monsterland- The Chesire (-Common-) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event

HOWDY DOODY GUYS!! ^_^ Happy fucking Monday.. I know I know... everyone hates Mondays.. but honestly, I dont! ROFL. Fresh start to the week and blessed to be able to live through another day! Sooooo today I bring you this fun blog I did with some of the things I picked up at the various events... such as Epiphany-- I mean look at this cat! It's fucking wicked! Cureless did a great fucking job! I love it.... the entire gacha is wicked. Also! Look at this choker! Zombie Suicide has these up at Project Limited... which means there is only a limited supply of them! Grab them while you can! Next, as many of you already know.. Collabor88 has this holographic theme, and ALL the designers stepped it up and released some bad ass shit. The textures on everything is so funky and fun! I love it... Example, this sexy outfit I grabbed from Foxes. Oh! And I do wish to kinda explain the genesis lab mesh head, this particular head I am wearing was an old gacha item from and old K9 event (I am sure she has them up at her store now) and I paired it with ANOTHER skin that she has, but that is a group gift (which is still available if you're in the group--- $250L to join) AND on top of that I put an old lipstick of hers I won at Wayward Halloween event. SOOOO... It's a huge mixture of everything I have of Genesis Labs. HAHA. Thank you sooo much for dropping by my blog! I fucking love you guys! <3

Friday, January 15, 2016

Look Of The Day: January 15th 2016 #43

Hair: Doe. Cierra -Two-Tone- Essentials (*RARE*) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event

Head: LOGO Alex
Skin:>: Pumec :< Ursula- Spring tone (*Group Gift*)
Eyes: L'Etre Mesh Eyes #26 @ Chapter 4
Lashes: L'Etre Diamond Lashes
Body: Belleza- Isis Body
Dress: _C A N D Y D O L L Vixen Dress- White (*COMMON*) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event
 Shoes: _C A N D Y D O L L Maya Shoes (*RARE*) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event
 My Little Buddy: *Pink Acid* The Fennec Fox- Pinkish (*RARE*) @ The Epiphany. Gacha Event

HI GUYS!! So I got into Epiphany event... which... HELLO! Is hella exciting. I was kinda unlucky at first because as soon as I landed there was a region restart... but once I got back in, which was nearly instantly... it was ONNNN! ON LIKE DONKEY KONG... okay okay... I landed a few rares, and on my second-third pull. I mean... it was pretty unbelievable! But I am so glad I walked out of there with just about all the things I wanted.. SUCH as this Candydoll getup I am wearing.. I mean cmon, it's so sweet and sexy as the same time! Totally loving it. I think my happiest win was this fox! I want one in RL so baaaaddd but cant have it, LOL so I was sqeeeking like a crazy woman when I won it in SL hahaha. It's a simple blog today, but totally my look of the day.. I look so angelic! hahaha. Thank you so much for dropping by my blog. You guys are amazing! <3

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Look Of The Day: January 13th 2016 #42

Head: LOGO Alex
Skin:>: Pumec :< Ursula- Spring tone (*Group Gift*)
Eyes: L'Etre Mesh Eyes #26 @ Chapter 4
Lashes: L'Etre Diamond Lashes
Septum: :Zombie.Suicide: Septum Peircing 1 @  The Black Dot Project TY <3 
Body: Belleza- Isis Body
Dress (pearl choker part of dress): ::Just Darling::Tia Gown- Charcoal @ Obsession Exposed Gallary TY <3  
Shoes: REIGN Break-Up Pumps 


Look at this beautiful dress from Just Darling!! It's the perfect for a night out of dancing and romancing!! and there are various colors it comes in. It's only being sold at Obsession Exposed Gallery...